How to Take Down a Pop Up Canopy Tent

How do you take down a pop up canopy tent?

Here is a video and detailed step by step instructions to see how to take down your pop up canopy tent. I strongly suggest practicing this a few times at home before taking it on your tailgate or to the campground.

Watch the video below for more information.

Quick Tip: If you spent the day at your favorite team’s tailgate in wet or snowy conditions, you will want to remove the canopy from the frame before storing it in the carrying case. Once you get home, spread the canopy out in your garage or some place similar to let it air dry. If you put the canopy away when it is wet or damp, you may have problems with mildew.


First, start by undoing the velcro straps from the canvas to the frame. Not all canopy tents have this option so this step may be skipped.


Then, lower each frame leg to it’s lowest position by pushing in the spring loaded button and sliding the frame down.


pop up canopy canvas plastic container
Use an inexpensive plastic tote for storing your canopy top.

Unlock all four corner sliders. Press in the button and push the slider down. You may have to pull up on a corner brace to help ease the tension.


Push the tent towards its center. Before fully pushing it together, lift parts of the canopy out of it’s pinch points to avoid damaging the canvas.


Slide the carry bag over the top of the tent until it’s fully enclosed in the case. Zip it up once fully in the carrying case.

Follow these tips to ensure your pop up canopy tent lasts for a long time:

I prefer to remove the canopy and store it in a cheap plastic container with a lid.
Always secure your tent to the ground to avoid having the tent fly away in the wind.
Not recommended for barbecuing or smoking food over without proper ventilation.
Keep your canopy pop up tent away from low lying tree branches.
Make sure all four corner sliders are locked into place.
Do not use tent in high wind or extreme weather conditions.
Always make sure the canvas top is dry before storing.

Did you see the article and instructions on how to setup your pop up canopy tent? For information, just click here to read.

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